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Project Zoom

Countries: Turkey



Supported by the US Consulate General as main partner and by as ecosystem partner, Project Zoom is a grant programme for those storytellers and journalists committed at having an impact and striving for change. Project Zoom aims at bringing out stories that are generally overlooked, focusing on underreported issues that nevertheless might be impactful for the people they reach out to. We will offer targeted guidance, effective network and financial support for communication professionals wanting to embark on new exciting projects.

Project Zoom is designed for independent journalists, freelancers and communication professionals who want to explore a different angle of their work, with a focus on the impact they have on their audience and society more broadly. We look for out-of-the-box stories to focus on climate change, migration, sustainability, social innovation, gender equality and energy, with content developed via different media (in visual, written or audio format). Impact Hub Istanbul will provide up to $ 7,000 funding to those who will submit projects that are in line with such objectives. A selected jury team will evaluate each application and announced winners will have 4 months to complete their proposed media products.


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