An Innovative Co-Working Environment

Impact Hub Istanbul provides an inspiring shared workspace for individuals and institutions across diverse disciplines, fostering an atmosphere of openness, collaboration, and impact-oriented thinking. Rooted in the belief of positive change, our co-working space offers more than just a spacious and inviting environment. With unique space decoration, design, and infrastructure, it creates an ambiance where members can experience productivity and integration within the Hub. Our facilities include event spaces, meeting rooms, online meeting rooms, relaxation corners, and a terrace, enhancing the overall co-working experience. Join us in a workspace designed for those who believe in collaboration and positive impact.


Coworking Spaces

Experience focused and efficient work in our common areas spread across three floors—spacious, bathed in natural light—where you can collaborate with fellow Hubbers all day long. Enjoy relaxation corners, an open kitchen, a terrace, and comfortable spaces for socializing.

Become a Hubber with options for fixed or flexible desks, featuring a secure infrastructure, high-speed internet up to 300 Mbps, and shared workspaces with sound levels ranging from “Quiet” to “Reasonable noise level.” Choose from flexible monthly membership tariffs to tailor your experience.

Micro Offices

Maximize your team’s working experience with our 7 micro offices catering to 2 to 8 people. These offices come in various sizes to meet your specific needs, offering a customizable and efficient working environment with modern, ergonomic designs, and essential furniture and equipment.

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Key Venue Features

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