About us

We transform intention to impact

Impact Hub Istanbul is the Istanbul branch of a global social entrepreneurship hub with more than 20 thousand members in more than 60 countries in 5 continents. All Impact Hubs create impact-oriented solutions with the goal of a better future for the planet and people and create tools to develop impact-driven entrepreneurship.

As Impact Hub Istanbul, we have been bringing together and supporting impactful individuals and organizations focused on social and environmental benefit through our programmes, events and co-working space since 2016. In order for impact-oriented individuals and organizations to develop inclusive and sustainable solutions, we design original content and methods for their needs, and create shared value by building collaboration processes. Our main goal: To transform intention to impact!

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Our working areas

We care about developing an impact-oriented ecosystem and empowering individuals and institutions for social and environmental benefit.


We brind impact-oriented
individuals and organizations together.

Common Value

By building cooperation processes
we produce common value.

Impact Orientation

For a fair and sustainable world
we transform intention to impact.


We accept Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) as a guide.

Community Building

We design activites that
support community building.

Social Innovation

We create support mechanisms
for innovative ideas.

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