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Impact-oriented approach

The paradigm solely focused on financial returns is giving way to an impact-oriented model that concurrently generates economic, social, and environmental benefits.

In navigating this transition marked by high complexity and uncertainty, we specialize in designing the methods and collaboration models essential for your organization to adopt an impact-oriented approach and attain its objectives within this evolving landscape.

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Are you interested in collaboratively developing models that benefit society and the environment with a focus on impact?

At Impact Hub Istanbul, we engage in co-creation with our stakeholder institutions, leveraging the strength of our local and global network, backed by over 100 corporate collaboration experiences.



We empower the development of an impact-focused perspective within your organization, facilitating the generation of innovative solutions for social and environmental issues.


We assist in integrating impact into your organization’s value chain and business model.


We provide insights into impactful initiatives shaping the present and future of your industry, fostering awareness and collaboration.


We guide you in designing and executing your social investments with an impact-focused approach.

Here are some of the corporates we collaborate with


“In our four-year collaboration with Impact Hub Istanbul, Anadolu Efes proudly supports the Social Impact Award program. We take pride in guiding and supporting young individuals committed to creating a positive impact as they transform into social entrepreneurs. Impact Hub’s extensive social impact expertise, network, and competence provide valuable access to a wide audience. Throughout the program, we equip aspiring social entrepreneurs with essential skills, witnessing their meaningful contributions to society and the world.

Partnering with Impact Hub has proven to be a rewarding experience for several reasons. We are delighted to observe the significant progress made by enthusiastic young participants dedicated to making a positive impact and undergoing transformative journeys. Their compelling presentations and the subsequent investment processes are inspiring to witness. Simultaneously, we explore collaboration opportunities with select initiatives aligned with our focus areas, offering mentoring and communication support.

The Impact Hub Istanbul team is more than just a program partner; they are our steadfast and reliable companion on the journey of social impact. We are delighted to continue walking this path together.”

Tuba Gökcan
Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director at Anadolu Efes

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Experience the shift from a model solely prioritizing financial returns to an impact-oriented approach that generates economic, social, and environmental benefits collectively.

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