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Borusan Sustainable Benefit Program

Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme, organized for the second time by Borusan in cooperation with Impact Hub Istanbul, is a capacity building programme developed in parallel with Borusan Holding’s social benefit and sustainability priorities, supporting projects that are set out to influence and mobilize target audiences, use innovative methods and have high impact potential.

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Application process has ended

The application period for the Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme between 17 July – 27 August has ended. If you are interested in applying for the next round of the program, you can fill out the form below so that we can keep you informed.

About the program

Focus Areas

The disaster-focused second phase of the program, aims to increase the impact of existing or new projects intended to solve social and environmental issues in the earthquake zone, to transform projects into a concrete output and to contribute to the reconstruction process in the medium and long term. The focus areas of the program include providing quality education support, reducing inequalities, creating livelihoods and job opportunities, and finding solutions to environmental and ecological problems.

In the first period of the program, projects that mediate social transformations in combating the climate crisis and reducing inequalities by using innovative methods with a focus on social innovation and social benefit for building a sustainable world were selected and teams were provided with tailor-made capacity building support.

About the program

Who can apply?

The period of the program focusing on the disaster zone is open to individual or team/group applications who want to work in the earthquake focus, who are affected by the earthquake, who continue to live in the earthquake zone or who have left the region and moved to different provinces.

✓ Civil actors and civil society organizations,
✓ Activists,
✓ Communities, initiatives and cooperatives,
✓ New initiatives emerging as a solution to problems in the region or social entrepreneurs with new earthquake-focused project ideas can apply to the program.

Borusan Sürdürülebilir Fayda Programı'nın ilk dönem katılımcıları Perili Köşk'te. / The first term participants of the Borusan Sustainable Benefits Program are at Perili Köşk.

Impact of the program

Within the scope of the Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme, which is in its second term, we have received 263 applications from 63 cities so far. In the first term of the program, we supported 3 selected projects with a total of 600,000 TL in addition to capacity building, mentor/expert, network development, visibility and community building support. In the new term of the program, grant support of up to 300,000 TL is waiting for the selected projects.



600.000 TL




Experience of program alumni

“Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme provided financial support for our short film, which enabled it to be made under the conditions it deserves. The programme also provided training and mentoring support in the areas we needed. ”

Nesra Gürbüz & Gülşah Özdemir Koryürek
Zaman Yolcusu Kreta

“The support of the Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme enabled us to reach more deaf and hearing impaired women, as well as to better explain the project to the public. This is very valuable for the sustainability of the project.”

Ayşe Damla İşeri & Diclehan Sönmezoğlu
Sağır ve İşitme Engelli Kadın Hakları Eğitim Platformu

“Thanks to Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme, Pina awareness was initiated. We received vital contributions that were not included in the project budget, such as documentary filming, creating a communication strategy and designing visual materials.”

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sarı
Umut Pina Projesi