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Abdi İbrahim Social Innovation in Health Program: Doz

Doz is Abdi İbrahim’s social innovation in health program that aims to support early and advanced stage impact-oriented entrepreneurs who develop innovative solutions in the health sector.

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Application process

Application process has ended

The application process for the early stage and the advanced stage of the Abdi İbrahim Social Innovation in Health Programme: Dose has ended. If you are interested in applying for the next phase of the programme, you can fill out the form below so that we can keep you informed.

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About the program

DOZ: Early Stage

Doz: Early Stage is a 4-month incubation process for teams at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, providing tailor-made coaching, customized training, business development workshops, mentoring support and a seed support award.

In which areas can initiatives apply?

  • Public Health and Awareness Raising
  • Research & Development in Health and Pharmaceuticals
  • Inclusion of Disadvantaged Regions and Groups
  • Sustainability Solutions
About the program

DOZ: Advanced Stage

Doz: Advanced Stage is a collaboration development program for entrepreneurs with a market-validated product/service that overlaps with Abdi İbrahim’s investment priority areas and strategic innovation needs.

Focus areas

  • Sustainable/Circular Packaging
  • Water and Energy Efficiency
  • Preventive Medicine

What should candidate enterprises expect from the program?

The pre-qualified enterprises will have the opportunity to present their solutions to Abdi İbrahim and have business development meetings. Enterprises selected as a result of the interviews can benefit from various cooperation opportunities such as investment to develop R&D studies, product/service supply to Abdi İbrahim and joint project development.

Impact of the program

We received more than 200 applications within the scope of the Abdi İbrahim Social Innovation in Health Program: Doz, the second phase of which was completed. In the program, the initiatives selected for the incubation process within the scope of the early stage were supported by Abdi İbrahim corporate professionals with mentoring, venture coaching, customized trainings and business development and partnership opportunities with Abdi İbrahim, while advanced stage initiatives had the opportunity to present their solutions to Abdi İbrahim and have business development meetings. A total of 9 startups were supported in the programme, with a grant of 220,000 TL.



220.000 TL




2022 Doz: Early Stage Alumnis

Quop Health

Quop is a holistic healthcare solution that offers remote treatment management for families and physicians while motivating children with diabetes to treatment with its innovative design.


Mumurgan is a new generation organic ointment for burn treatment.


Leoxygen realizes micro/nanoencapsulation of probiotics with biomaterials, enabling release only in the target organ and aims to increase bioavailability.

Sens Infect

Sens Infect is a wearable diagnostic kit developed for the diagnosis of urinary tract infections.

2021 Doz: Program Alumnis

My Hospital Friend IDA

My Hospital Friend Ida is a mobile application that aims to help children struggling with chronic diseases overcome their fear of hospitals and medical procedures and increase their psychological resilience.


PONS is a wearable ultrasound technology that can perform medical imaging for better, faster and more precise monitoring of critical diseases and women’s health problems remotely.


BIODIF is a biotechnology start-up that produces a low-chemical and vitamin-rich alternative to pharmaceutical capsules from pumpkin peel.