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Beyond Divides   

Countries: Turkey



The Beyond Divides program, supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and designed by Impact Hub, will take place simultaneously in four Impact Hubs, including Impact Hub Istanbul. As Impact Hub Istanbul, our focus is; to find an innovative and respectful approach to Kuştepe neighborhoods residents’ problems. The program, which will bring together individuals from different disciplines together in order to adopt diversity in society, to reduce segregation and to support active citizenship with innovative methods, will continue for a year starting from March 2019. Within the scope of the program, individuals who wish to contribute to Kuştepe will design solutions for the needs together with the residents of the neighborhood, who experience the social and economic problems of the region first hand.


The aim of the Beyond Divides program is to reduce inequalities within the city and encourage people from different backgrounds to learn from each other and work together towards the same goal. Active citizenship will be at the forefront of the program; We will identify the problems of Kuştepe with the inhabitants of Kuştepe, encourage an innovative approach in the solution process of these problems and take a journey together to make the best use of the available resources. During this journey we will explore each other, the differences that make us stronger together, our various commonalities, and how we can benefit from each other by using these aspects.


Can we improve technology integration and ensure a fair income for everyone? How can we guarantee equal access to economic opportunities, education and social services for people from different communities? These are difficult problems to tackle, and by their very nature, trying to deal with them alone is not only a waste of resources and time, but they also often end up with low success rates. Individuals who want to contribute to their society within the scope of the program, which will gather individuals from different disciplines and backgrounds, with the aim of reducing discrimintion and encouraging active citizenship using innovative methods will design solutions for the needs together with people facing discrimination first hand.

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