Impact Hub İstanbul  Covid-19 Measures

Let’s stay healthy as a community.

As Impact Hub Istanbul, we’ve brought together general measures and suggestions to be taken while moving to the new normal for our team and our community in line with current updates and recommendations from authorized institutions. 

Access to the Space:

  • Impact Hub Istanbul working hours are rearranged as Monday to Friday between 09:00-19:00.
  • The capacity of access to Impact Hub Istanbul space is restricted to 100 people per day (Impact Hub Istanbul Team + Community Members + Daily Visitors).
  • The visitors will be able to access the space with a mask one by one, during working hours . It is also mandatory to have a mask out of the specified working hours.
  • Those who will visit the Hub should share their personal HES QR Code provided by the state, through one of the ways stated below:
  • Share the HES QR Code you created by “Hayat Eve Sığar” mobile app, with our team when you enter the Hub.


  • Share the HES QR Code you have received via SMS or E-devlet platform, with our team when you enter the Hub.

Space Layout:

  • Co-working and Office Spaces: According to the recommendations for social distancing, occupant capacity of space is restricted to 1 person per 4m2. These amounts are reflected in the number of chairs and work tables per floor and office.
  • Event Spaces: The event space on the ground floor (Hubgrounds) will be used only as a co-working space in the process of adaptation to the new normal. The decision regarding the resumption of the events will be made after the evaluation of our team in July in line with the recommendations of the authorized institutions.
  • Kitchen Areas: In order to avoid any contact and reduce the risk of infection, the water, tea and coffee stations in the kitchen areas will serve one by one and in order. We recommend you to use your personal flask/thermos at these stations if possible. If you don’t have a flask/thermos, you can use the disposable paper cups which we provide.
  • Food & Beverage Consumption: To ensure social distancing, consume your food/beverage at your own table or at the sitting areas designated in the space / terrace.
  • Visual Warning Signs: Visual warning signs for the rules to be followed will be posted on the entrance of the building, common spaces and toilets. Be sure to read these warnings carefully and follow them.

Fresh Air Ventilation ve Heating:

  • Air Conditioning: In order to clean the air in the office areas, there is an air conditioning system working periodically in each floor of the Hub (it pulls the air inside and provides clean air from outside).  Impact Hub Istanbul team will make the necessary arrangements for each floor.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation: In order to prevent a possible spread of virus, the centralized air conditioning system in the common areas of the building and split air conditioners in micro offices will not be used if the current number of visitors is high. The centralized air conditioning system can be used periodically when the number of the members using the area is low.  Impact Hub Istanbul team will make the necessary arrangements for each floor.

Cleaning and Hygiene:

  • Periodic cleaning and disinfection procedures will be carried out by the Impact Hub Istanbul team after every working day. Complete disinfection of the building will be provided by professional teams every 15 days. We strongly recommend you to follow personal hygiene rules and keep your working area clean and tidy to support overall office health and safety.
  • Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands regularly every time you enter Impact Hub Istanbul and all day long.
  • Viruses can easily spread through cough and sneeze. People usually infect at least 2-3 people around themselves. If you cough or sneeze, keep your distance with other members and cover your mouth with your elbow or use a handkerchief and don’t forget to wash your hands.
  • For the safety of the members who work at Flex desks, we want them to disinfect the surface of the work area before and after work. You can get the necessary materials for disinfection from the Impact Hub Istanbul team.

Social Distancing and Personal Protection:

  • We want our community members to be careful while moving in the area and to keep at least 1.5 meters away from people. In this period, we kindly ask you to be patient and act with attention to each other’s attitudes and behaviors.

Non-Community Visitors: 

  • During the new normal period, the access of non-community people to the Impact Hub Istanbul area and meeting rooms is limited daily. We recommend you to invite your guests to Hub only for your important meetings. Guests of our members must get approval by filling out the guest visitor application form (at least 1 day in advance) sent by our team before visit. We kindly ask you to act responsibly about this matter.

Responsibility to the Community:

  • If you and/or one of your co-workers observe symptoms of flu or COVID-19, such as cough (respiratory complaints) and fever, We expect you and/or your co-workers to inform us, stay at home, follow the instructions of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and relevant science committees and report to the doctor as soon as possible.
  • We reserve the right, without exception, to refuse access to our space for the community members who have flu/COVID-19 symptoms and do not comply with current measures and recommendations, until we have an exact decision that there is no infection.