HUB 101

We are an emergent, learning community! HUB 101 series are curated community learning experiences for hubbers with everlasting curiosity and desire to learn. They are introductory, high quality educational courses designed by the Hub members for the Hub members. HUB 101 series will give us the chance for us to share our knowledge, learn from one another and cultivate our desire to know. Our aim with HUB 101 is to provide space for our members  who are eager to learn and share their knowledge. We consider this learning community as a vital tool to enable shared learning.

Intern Pitching

Designed by Impact Hub Istanbul, Intern Pitching aims to introduce entrepreneurship sector and co-working culture dynamics, growing rapidly all around the world and in Turkey, to university students. During this introduction students have the chance to experience opportunities in different sectors of this area. Intern Pitching, which provided internship opportunities to over 50 students in two years, has become one of the favorite events of our members.


Foodback, hosting over 600 participants in over 15 events in two years, was created by Impact Hub Istanbul within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is supported by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Food network. Although designed for entrepreneur candidates who want to enter the sector and entrepreneurs who work actively in the sector; Foodback is open to anyone who questions what they consume and believes that food innovation can create impact, and wants to shape their ideas and play an active role in this field.

Hub Masterclass

Hub Masterclass series offers its participants the opportunity to hear about technology, innovation and (social) entrepreneurship from their experts from around the world. This event series where we so far have hosted Joe Haslam, Skyler Logsdon, Cheryl Edison and Fernando Polo on the Impact Hub stage; is also a networking event for entrepreneurs.

Farkında Mısın

Farkında Mısın? welcomes everyone who is ready to question and brave enough to own the realities of our world. Focusing on different sectors, Farkında Mısın? aims to show the not so shiny side of today’s consumerist culture. In the first two events of the series we focused on textile and fashion industries and effects of urban transformation on children.


HubLinkUp is an event series in which Hub members hold monthly, one-hour networking sessions, to see the ways how Hubbers can support and improve each other.

Impact Mezat

Did you know that there are many collectors in Impact Hub Istanbul community? We were inspired by these collectors’ indispensable items and created Impact Mezat. Participate in the auction for the best use of your items that you don’t use but can’t afford to throw away, buy or sell and be a part of the impact! The revenue of the auction is transferred to a predetermined social initiative.